China eyes Indian start-ups

Chinese investors are upping the stake in Indian start-ups

Sonal Desai
New Update

GURGAON, INDIA: Chinese investors have acquired a minority stake in Growthword Digital Private Limited, the holding company of iamWire, a content provider for the e-commerce industry.


The talks were led by Beijing based Li Tao, Founder & CEO, APUS Group; Li Jian, Founder & CEO, Draphant Consultants and other investors including Nitin Garg, Saurabh Jain and Mohit Agarwal.

Jian helps Chinese Angels & HNIs to invest in Indian start-ups.

Meanwhile, iamWire plans to use the raised capital in building scalable technology, help other start-up founders and develop innovate content to further grow the community.

In due course, the company plans to scale existing features and roll out more features and products and to render a seamless experience to its professional readerbase across emerging Internet economies of the world.

The company is also in talks to raise Series A round of investment by October. Speaking on the market opportunity, Abhinav Dinesh, Co-Founder & CEO, iamWire said, “Witnessing the rise of cross geography transactions among either investor-to-startup or startup-to-vendor in the Internet Space, we believe iamWire can play a major role to bring together all key stakeholders in the Technology Space. Our vision is to help professionals understand and adopt technology innovation to its core to achieve scale in their respective businesses and careers.”