Chat GPT Creating operational disruption among workforce

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The world today is heavily reliant on technology. For both organizations and individuals, technology has been a game-changer in countless ways. Humans have learned to work in tandem with technology rather than have tech replace them. However, every once in a while, some technological advancements cause disruption and panic due to their potential impact on the job market and businesses. One such recently emerged technology is Chat GPT.

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is an AI-led tool that has grabbed the attention of organizations, the HR community, and employees across industry verticals. The tool is making headlines thanks to its unique ability to articulate answers to questions from nearly every field of knowledge.

Despite being new in the world of tech, Chat GPT has already piqued the interest of tech enthusiasts and businesses. It is built on a technology known as generative AI that focuses on generating new data based on a set of previously learned patterns/rules. The technology uses Machine Learning algorithms and deep neural networks to generate new output. It has set the record for the fastest-growing user base, reaching over 100 million active users in January, merely 2 months after its launch.

Rather than searching the internet, Chat GPT uses the data it has been trained on to provide responses, meaning vast amounts of data has been fed into the system to ‘train’ it. Simply put, Chat GPT leverages a subset of AI known as NLP (Natural Language Processing) to convert raw data into human-friendly responses.

Given its incredible capabilities to write software codes, solve mathematical problems, and even write poems and jokes, the generative AI tech is bound to disrupt several industries. Will HR be one of them? Let’s take a look.

The evolving HR space and what Chat GPT brings to it

The HR segment has progressed by leaps and bounds in recent times. It is far more than just recruiting candidates. Being a key function for every organization, HR is often the binding aspect that keeps a company together. Like other industries, technology has now taken the center stage in HR, with HR tech becoming a mainstream vertical. Now, with Chat GPT, the HR tech segment stands to benefit immensely.

Recruitment: Given that Chat GPT can answer queries and respond comprehensively to user prompts, it can deliver enormous value when integrated with Zero-touch Applicant Tracking System. ATS already enables HR managers to post job openings on multiple portals, but HR Managers still write job descriptions manually. Chat GPT will automate the creation of job descriptions and ATS will handle the candidate journey seamlessly. Chat GPT can also handle candidates’ questions and personalize emails for outreach during the recruitment process.

Performance Management: HR professionals often spend a significant amount of time developing KRAs, creating performance review templates and developing training programs. With Chat GPT, HR managers can assign these functions to the tech tool and focus on employees’ career development by producing content for learning and development materials. This makes performance management easier and more efficient, and more accurate.

Employee Engagement: Employee engagement is essential for productivity and employee retention in an organization. It contributes significantly to an organization’s success. Chat GPT’s content generation abilities will ensure effective employee engagement through shorter turnaround times and better approachability with quick responses from the HR department. Companies can integrate the technology with their existing chatbots to deliver a more personalized communication to employees.

Summing up

Chat GPT can be a great tool to improve productivity for HR professionals. Going by its capabilities, it’s likely that the technology will be a disruptive force across industries, including HR tech. However, this shouldn’t be cause of concern for employees. We simply need to upskill ourselves and learn to work to optimize technology.

Authored By: Sumit Sabharwal, CEO of TeamLease HRtech

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