Tinder's competitive Filter Off is the new video speed dating app that is changing the scenario of online dating,

Since we are stuck inside due to the Coronavirus, people are finding companionship online. Online dating is not new but FilterOff is video speed dating app.

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Filteroff is the new in Video Online Dating

Ciol had a conversation with the co-founder of Filter Off, Zach Schleien. Since we are stuck inside due to the Coronavirus, people are finding companionship online. Not that online dating is something new; we owe that to Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge etc., but the area is changing. Video is the "new", even in online dating. So, we asked Zach about his app.


About the App

Filter Off is a video speed dating app. It connects you to potential dates based on events. These events can be locality-based or event-based. When you join one such event, according to your preferences, the app schedules you a 90-second-video date.

Filteroff event based video dating

Say you have an event in Mumbai at seven. So you have to get ready before seven. Beforehand you can't see the photo of your date, just some fun facts. And when seven o'clock rolls around, you click on start video and you go into a video chat with your date for 90 seconds.

Matching on FilterOff

So it's a speed date. At the end of the 90 seconds you choose if you want to pass or if you like them or if it's mutual. If both of you like each other, the app enters you into a match where you could then send text messages or video messages. What makes this app unique is, that it's video first. It's an efficient way to date as it allows you to see whether you romantically connect with this individual and vibe just from the start.


Going on Date

The idea of this tech-portal came up when Zach himself went on dates and saw that he didn't connect with the other person. So, to save time and energy, he tried to build a safe and easy portal. Plus, in his own words, Filter Off is not "quote-unquote swiping to see if people swipe back on you". You have to make an effort.

In fact, due to this pandemic, the online dating app, Filter Off has seen a rise of 300% user base. Ther are 45% women and 55% men on the app.


About the safety and security of the app

The app has a reporting feature if someone misbehaves, and they are adding more and more robust features. But Zach advises user-discretion post the video-dating. He says, "Go with the gut, keep your friends and family informed and stay safe in the physical meeting."

But, when it comes to safety, Filter Off is video first. You can't hide behind an old photo of yourself or an edited photo of yourself because it is video. There is no filter. That's why it's called FilterOff.

Filter Off is also going to launch global quarantine events where people can date from around the world. You can download the app on Playstore and iOS.

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