Changing Dynamics of Customer Relationship Management

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Starting from the black and white era, when the digital marketplace was unimaginable, the relationship that businesses shared with their customers ran deep and was more personal. Businesses knew the buying behaviour, buying cycle and even preferences of each of their customers and the exact offers that would impress their customers.

With the emergence of online marketplaces, while the economy grew; personalization and customer relationship suffered. Of late, the businesses have realized the importance of brand loyalty and thus we see a lot of investment being done towards improving customer’s experience. As a result, a lot of new and innovative technologies are being developed to emulate the same kind of personalization and buyer response as was there earlier. For example, the need for modern-day AI-based chatbots can be traced back to the need of people to interact with the business about products and having a direct connection with the business.

All the touch points like voice, chat, email, SMS, social, bot are integrated over the omnichannel, so that the businesses can offer an uninterrupted customer service to their end users and above all provide them a superior Customer Experience.

In this continuously changing era, most of the companies are always trying to give the most innovative and updated customer relationship management solutions to their clients so that, the end users do not suffer. Some of the CRM solutions are as follows  

Omnichannel CX

It allows brands and their contact centres to deliver consistent CX

It seamlessly integrates multi-touchpoint over Omnichannel platform

It engages with the customers from voice to non-voice and digital channels

It empowers the agents with the right context to improve FCR

Contact Centre

Optimize the agent time with intelligent call allotment

Scale operations with cluster-based architecture

High availability with 99.99% uptime, virtually no downtime

It gives all the tools to the agents on single screen

Get advanced reports and optimize the operations

Marketing Solution

Expands the top of the funnel with marketing solutions

It helps to Integrate with SMS and Email support

It reaches out to the customers on the channel they prefer

It helps to track the lead lifecycle and automate the efforts

Remote Team Solution

Benefit from lower overheads, flexible working hours and time zone flexibility

It helps to achieve the “always on” service delivery that today’s consumers expect

It lets the clients enjoy CRM and dialler functionality from mobile devices

It helps to get secured access to all the call recordings on cloud

Customer relationship dynamics have significantly moved as customers have discovered that they can use online networking to draw in brands specifically. At the point when contact centre discussions by telephone and email don’t get the desired results, individuals can easily take their grumblings to the public platform. The risk of harm to a brand’s image has caused comparatively more conversations in web-based social networking connections amongst organizations and shoppers.

These days, organizations can’t bear to stay quiet. One has to ultimately go for the CRM solutions (externally) to make loyal customers and to resolve the problems of existing customers. CRM enables the customers across industries to provide a better customer experience for their end customers bringing in higher productivity for the business. With the introduction of Omnichannel solutions, there is no doubt to the fact that it is transforming customer experience to new heights.

With so much happening around in the field, it will be right to say that businesses have moved from the larger customer relationship management to the minute and more detailed customer experience management, where every interaction is crafted to make a long-lasting relationship.

The author is CBO, C-Zentrix

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