Chandigarh IT association takes a back seat

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CHANDIGARGH, INDIA: First IT Forum, the IT association for channel community in Chandigarh, has been inactive for so long that it is losing its existence in the market. On the other hand, there are multiple associations in neighboring regions, like Jalandhar Computer Dealers’ Association (JCDA), Association of Computer Entrepreneurs’ in Ludhiana and Panipat Computer Dealers’ Association (PCDA) that take up issues of the channel community and address their concerns.


But the association in Chandigarh, which is one of the major IT markets in North India, is refraining from holding any activities. Despite the fact that the association is registered, it has no board members, it is just an association with a list of members.

Without a committee there is no one to take the responsibility of running the association activities. But dealers in the city seemed to feel that the current situation is no hampering their functioning. Satpal Singh from DS Data Spec clarified that whenever an issue is raised that requires dealers’ attention, it is taken up and most of the issues are handled individually.

“The association in Chandigarh has been inactive for a long time and the reason is because dealers have been busy with their respective businesses and therefore we have not been able to devote much time towards this direction. The reason for not appointing an executive body is that politics creeps into the system and the positions are often misused. Hence, we keep the association functioning without appointing an executive committee,” he stated.


IP Singh, CEO of Beyond Computers agreed that the primary reason for not conducting elections for the association was to avoid any instances of politics. He added that the dealers frequently organize meeting amongst themselves, but also felt the need for an active association.

“We regularly hold get-togethers among ourselves, but it is true that for the past few months the association has become inactive and needs a push. We should realize that being a strong market in North India, there should be an active IT association in the city, and we do not mind taking support from the fellow associations in the region,” Singh shared.

Sanjay Walia from Jetage Computers, one of the only members who are takes the initiative to organize association activities, said, “The association has been absolutely dormant and the reason is that members are not ready to put in efforts to make it a success. Though Chandigarh is a strong IT market but it lacks a unified platform and it is possible only when dealers take a collective initiative. It has a become a one man’s responsibility to run the association.”


Few dealers in Chandigarh accorded that most of the issues are individually handled and there was no need as such for an association. According to Dinesh Sharma of OST Electronics, dealers in Chandigarh have not been facing any issues that require the collective attention of the channel community and hence the need for an association is never felt among partners.

“If there is an issue between dealers or with vendors, it is usually an individual case and only the concerned parties are involved. Therefore, we do not feel the need for an organized body. Most of the business we do in Chandigarh is for the government sector so dealers are absorbed with their respective businesses,” he said.

Looking at the activities of associations across the country, be it in Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Indore, Delhi or in the South, Chandigarh dealers should also wake up and take concrete actions to form a functioning body, because they don’t know when they might need it.