Cellular-enabled Apple watch is fabulous but wait, it is not launching in India

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Apple Watch is the 'no. 1 watch in the world' with an industry leading customer satisfaction of 97 percent, said Tim Cook, as he unveiled the new Apple Watch Series 3 on Tuesday at the Steve Job Theater. The biggest feature on the Apple Watch that has gotten all of us hooked on it is that it adds cellular connectivity. Yes, you can now make audio-video phone calls, send messages from your watch without carrying an iPhone along.



Apple's latest smartwatch comes with cellular and GPS capability and integrates more with Siri using watchOS 4. This means that you can now stream music and make phone calls even without the iPhones. What more? It has introduced industry-first antenna design that uses the 'display' itself as both a transmitting and receiving element for LTE and UMTS.

The built-in SIM card, however, isn’t actually SIM card but an eSim. In other words, it is an embedded subscriber identity module. Also, the eSim does make the latest watch slightly thicker by 0.25 mm. You might mistake the latest models for the older ones if it wasn't for the red dot on the digital crown. And it does come in a classy new color: 'ceramic gray.'

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are 50 percent more efficient to help save on battery life. There's a new barometric sensor for better detecting flights of stairs and it comes with a dual core processor.


Health tracking functions

Apple watch being the most-used and most-trusted heart-tracker in the world has introduced new health tracking functions. It will now notify users when it detects an elevated heart rate when a user isn't active. They will warn the user if they are having an arrhythmia, or an irregular heart rate compared to their usual stats.

New 'sporty' bands

With Nike and Hermes partnerships Apple is introducing some trendy and sporty new bands for the new watch as well. There are two versions of Series 3 Watches one without cellular priced at $329 and a Series 3 with cellular priced at $399. The new watch will be available for pre-order on September 15th and starts shipping from September 22.

But, hold on, the sad news is that it will not be available in India anytime soon.


We'll just have to wait and watch!

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