Cell phone bandit robs four Washington-area banks

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WASHINGTON: A young woman robbed four banks in Washington's suburbs without ever interrupting conversations her cell phone, a sheriff's spokesman said on Friday.


In the most recent heist, the woman, with sunglasses casually pushed up on her dark hair and a mobile phone at her ear, walked up to a bank teller in Ashburn, Virginia, on Nov. 4 and opened her purse to show a handgun and a note demanding cash, said Loudoun County sheriff's spokesman Kraig Troxell.

"During the entire sequence, she was on her cell phone," Troxell said by telephone. "When we compared it with other robberies that have occurred in the area, we determined she was involved in three other robberies. ... In those cases, she was also on the cell phone."

The four jurisdictions -- Loudoun County, Prince William County, Fairfax County and the city of Vienna, Virginia -- are working together to track the suspect, circulating surveillance video to local media.

No one was injured in the robberies, and the amount taken was not disclosed. Troxell said it was unclear what role the cell phone may have played in the case.

"With the use of the cell phone, was she just trying to act nonchalant, not drawing any attention to herself? Was there anyone even on the other line? Was there an accomplice? Was she just talking to someone on the phone who may not have been aware of what she was doing, just to help her through the crime?"