Technology Revolution Changing Data Transfer Landscape

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We are using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other wireless mediums to transfer data, but can you imagine to transfer data through ‘Sound’? Yes, it is possible and Trillbit has developed the technology to utilise sound waves to broadcast advertisement and transfer other content.

We discuss with Bhaskar, Co-founder & CEO, Trillbit to understand the technology and how it’s going to revolutionise the industry.

How is Trillbit transmitting data through sound wave?

Data can be modulated on to any wave. Wifi and Bluetooth etc modulate data on Electro Magnetic (EM) waves and need specialized hardware (Receivers and transmitters). Sound is also a wave though it is mechanical not EM and hence can be used for data transfer. However, the technology to modulate the data on the sound wave which can be played over any speaker and received by any microphone is not simple. Modulating data on to inaudible sound that does not affect the normal music or audio content of the speaker is technically very challenging. We have a brilliant technical team including professors from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) who has been able to do it successfully. We have filed 4 patents on this technology.

Can this solution broadcast content on decade old devices and its role in IoT?

IoT can bring great value in nearly every industry vertical but the biggest road block in its implementation is the hardware cost. Even after initial hardware deployment there are issues related to cross compatibility with older hardware and management.

Take TV for example, Brands and advertisers would love to connect with audience’s phone to give them more information and direct discount. However, to do this broadcasting infrastructure as well as all the TV’s need to change. None of this is required with Trillbit’s technology. We can add data directly to the sound of the broadcast and this can fundamentally change how we interact advertisement and discount without any change in hardware.

The Trillbit technology also lets you transact payments, is it secure enough?

For payments, Trillbit is providing a communication layer between a location or POS (point of sale) and the smart device. The communication is encrypted at both ends. It also requires additional user’s authentication such as fingerprint or password and hence it is even safer than current technologies.

How are you sharing and managing the data across verticals?

We have an online portal for each vertical and each vertical’s data is maintained on separate portals but these portals are connected and if needed data can be shared between them.

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