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DAVIS, CALIFORNIA: Multiple users would now be possibly able to alter content with little training to update the University of California Davis library’s message board within minutes.


The number of digital signage deployments on university campuses in the U.S. has skyrocketed during the past few years. University of California Davis joined the fray when it launched SceneStudio Pro digital signage software to replace a standalone solution.

Users can access a Web-based login that can be used by any authorized Web browser to input the content into a Microsoft SQL database. This adds the ability to remotely access the system, shares a press note.

Seamless network integration was a key factor in choosing the solution and as the release adds, for IT departments at large organizations such as UC Davis managing a network of digital signage can become a constant battle and loose effectiveness if content is not updated on a regular basis. Giving multiple users access to the system assures that content will stay relevant and up to date.

Explaining the relevance part, it adds that a university campus is the perfect place for a digital signage network with a constant array of activities going on throughout the school year. Effective digital signage is fast becoming a viable means of distribution and dissemination of information. A key element of effectiveness is eye catching layout and designs much like any well planned and organized web site.