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CHENNAI: Computer Associates (CA) has extended its agreement with SAP AG to provide SAP NetWeaver customers’ access to Introscope, the application performance management solution from CA's Wily Technology Division.


Announcing this in a statement, CA said that under the expanded agreement, SAP solution manager customers will receive an SAP-specific license to use read-only Introscope capabilities within their enterprises for SAP-developed dashboards and instrumentation.

SAP customers interested in customizing or adding additional Introscope functionalities may license those capabilities directly from CA's Wily Technology Division.

"We selected Introscope for SAP Active Global Support because it offers best-in-class Java diagnostics capabilities with the lowest overhead in the industry," said Dr Uwe Hommel, executive vice-president, SAP active global support, SAP AG.


"Our experience working closely with the Wily team has proven that our rapidly growing SAP NetWeaver customer base can gain significant value from using Introscope to monitor and optimize the performance and availability of their SAP applications."

SAP has used Introscope since January 2005 to diagnose and resolve application performance problems in customer deployments, as well as for SAP internal deployments such as SAP's corporate portal and in-house development systems.

Introscope is a solution for monitoring and optimizing the performance of complex, mission-critical web applications. It delivers real-time visibility into production environments, enabling IT staff to detect, diagnose and resolve problems before the business is impacted.

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