How ONGC's BWA system helps the organization remain connected

Sharath Kumar
New Update

JAIPUR, INDIA: The C-Change Awards of CIOL and PCQuest is the milestone where CIOs can stop to catch more than some breath in this marathon called IT excellence. The c in the 'Innovator' category was won by Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC) for its implementation Wimax based Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) system.


The notable point on the implementation is that the innovation was done on existing technology by adapting an ISP technology to suit organizational requirements in a captive network.

Mahendra Kumar Chaudhary, CIO, ONGC received the award from Thomas George, senior vice president of Cybermedia Research at a glittering ceremony during the C-Change event held in Jaipur.

Key Implementation:


The BWA system was implemented to provide seamless Voice & Data broadband Communication link between Asset/ Basin HQ/ Process Complex and remote installations at Ahmedabad, Mehasana, Gandhar, Ankleshwar, Vadodara, Cambay at Western Onshore & Neelam offshore Process Complex at Western Offshore.

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The communication system provides 512 Kbps to 2 Mbps bandwidth at each remote location. Bandwidth is provided dynamically to remotes as per requirements from pooled bandwidth. All IT applications, connected to remote installation, are running satisfactorily and also has capacity to support upcoming/ future IT applications.


Project overview:

According to Mahendra Kumar Chaudhary : A total of 228 remote locations of assets/ basin at Western Onshore & Neelam offshore process complex have been connected through the BWA network.

Each of the 4-sector base stations established, provides aggregate 40 Mbps at Ahmedabad, Mehasana, Gandhar, Ankleshwar, Neelam and 2-sector base stations provides aggregate 20 Mbps at Vadodara & Cambay. Total bandwidth generated is 240 Mbps (Ahmedabad-40, Mehasana-40, Ankleshwar-40, Gandhar-40, Neelam-40, Vadodara-20 and Cambay-20).

According to Chaudhary a total of 127 numbers of new microwave communication towers have been erected. VoIP exchanges have been installed at Ahmedabad, Mehasana, Gandhar, Ankleshwar, Neelam, Vadodara & Cambay. At each remote location, 2 to 6 numbers of VoIP telephones have been provided for voice communication.

The C-Change Awards are given to companies having turnover of more than Rs 1000 crores annually.