BYJU’S SVP of International Business Steps Down Set to Head American Firm Impending Inc.

BYJU’s senior vice president for international business Cherian Thomas has resigned from the company and is now owned by Impending Inc. in the US.

Manisha Sharma
New Update

BYJU’s senior vice president for international business Cherian Thomas has resigned from the company and is now owned by Impending Inc. in the United States.


Impending Inc., is the maker of Heads Up, Clear, Classics, and more popular apps. The company is committed to pioneering UX advancements now established as industry standards, including features like swipe to fill, tilt toggle, pinch to function, flip toggle, and more. Impending Inc. stands as one of the world's pioneering studios dedicated to Apple products, having served the Mac community since the early 2000s and subsequently extending its reach to the iPhone. A frequent participant in Apple's WWDC, Impending Inc. maintains a steadfast commitment to creating products that cater to a broad audience, allowing the quality of their creations to serve as their true testament.

Cherian Thomas stands as a featured business leader and entrepreneur, boasting an impressive history of pioneering technology companies. In his role as CEO of Impending Inc. CEO, his core objective will be to build and expand products, all while strengthening and growing a world-class pool of talented people. Taking his diverse experience, strategic acumen, and professionalism in business development, Cherian looks forward to making a significant contribution to his new role.

Before this , he co-founded and successfully sold a venture capital-backed startup called Cucumbertown to the Japanese conglomerate Cookpad in 2016. He also held a position as one of the initial employees at the prominent gaming company Zynga.


“Impending espouses everything I’d do if I were to start again,” said Cherian Thomas. Products that are built for people to love for decades, a small, highly talented and nimble team, high gross margins, low marketing costs etc., form the core of his principles.

Without any external funding, Impending Inc. has always chosen the long-term view of building products with a slow compounding principle. “There’s no sword hanging with deadlines or metrics to impress a board. It’s all about executing, failing, evolving, re-releasing and scaling without being questioned,” Cherian Thomas added.

Said Phill Ryu, Co-founder, Impending Inc., “We are hugely excited to have Cherian Thomas on board. We share a vision of creating inspired apps with pop culture potential without compromise and have convinced each other that we are going to make it happen together.”

Over the last year, Byju's, headquartered in Bengaluru, has encountered various challenges, including the departure of its statutory auditor Deloitte and three board members who were representatives of significant investors in the firm.

The startup has also been affected by reductions in valuation from notable investors, investigations by the Enforcement Directorate, significant workforce reductions, and postponed financial results.