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The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized the way businesses function, emphasizing the importance of innovation for future success. To gain a better understanding of consumers, businesses must explore beyond traditional approaches and adopt new technologies, resulting in increased consumer engagement and retention.

In the rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses are finding more innovative ways to engage users, with real-time engagement being a significant game-changer. Digital worlds have the power to simulate real-life environments and even surpass the boundaries of reality, improving lives in various ways.

Utilizing Real-Time Engagement (RTE), businesses have been able to offer immersive and personalized experiences to consumers. Research shows that applications that communicate with users through various channels, such as in-app chat, witnessed a 130% surge in retention during the first two months. However, many apps are unaware of the advances contemporary chat tools are bringing in real-time interaction methods. Real-time chat is one of the most effective ways to engage and inform consumers.

In this fast-paced technological era, it will be interesting to observe how businesses enhance the user experience and drive better engagement.

Move Beyond Simple Text

Multi-media chat tools have an advantage over text messaging, keeping users interested and engaged in conversations. Users nowadays expect more from their online chat interactions. Adding a single graphic, for example, has been shown to increase response rates by 57%.

Users should be able to share photos, GIFs, videos, and more. Apps for distance learning, for instance, can use chat to assign homework or exchange course materials with students. Businesses that fail to offer consumers contemporary chat features lose out on longer session lengths, greater engagement rates, and ultimately, revenue.

Make Chat Conversational

A face-to-face conversation is more than just exchanging words. Allowing users to interact by exchanging ideas, emotions, and facts empowers them to connect and engage better. Adding contemporary chat features like message responses, message threading, typing indications, and more to digital interactions can increase overall in-app retention and conversions.

These simple communication methods are easier than spelling out entire messages and improve the user experience.

Create A Community

By allowing users to create and connect with larger groups, businesses enable them to build a community, providing them with a sense of belonging and the ability to share using group chats. Users can gather in groups around common interests or goals, connecting with others who share their interests and forming deeper relationships. As these relationships strengthen, your app’s stickiness increases.

AI moderation tools can be used to remove inappropriate or offensive content, providing users with a sense of security.

Across International Barriers

Encourage users to communicate regardless of their language proficiency. In-app messaging offers a unique opportunity to apply translation technologies to overcome international hurdles, as opposed to voice or video. Apps with a global user base should allow users to communicate in any language and interpret messages.

With some technologies, users can translate messages immediately or as needed.

Enhance Live Video & Audio to Drive Monetization

A completely immersive real-time communication experience can be beneficial for users. Real-time chat improves the user experience and helps them collaborate more effectively. Instead of being a spectator at live events, users can split into smaller chat groups or exchange information and resources that enhance the experience.

For example, viewers of live gaming broadcasts can communicate with the presenter by offering virtual gifts, tips, or remarks. This increases audience engagement and offers new ways to monetize your app.

With the right tools, businesses can understand user expectations better and exceed them. The right features resonate with users, driving engagement and providing them with a rich social experience.

Authored By: By Ranga Jagannath, Senior Director, Agora

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