Book worms now have an app, to let you read more

Sanghamitra Kar
New Update

BANGALORE, INDIA: is a mobile app product launched with an aim to enable sharing of a billion books across the globe.


It is global app for real book exchange. Launched from BETA, one part is the open source and community driven approach towards development. is a community-based android app whose main function is help people share their physical books and create a Global Book community, a library in every corner of the world, which you can carry around in your pocket.

People can upload their books in the app and see which ones others have uploaded in and around their preferred location. Then they can have a private chat within the app itself, meet up at a convenient location and buy/sell/exchange their books.

The app has the potential to unite book lovers across the globe. Apart from exchange and reading of books, this app stimulates community sharing and new friendships.