Book My Chotu lets you hire helpers for standing in ATM queues

Riddhi Sharma
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Demonetization has definitely come as a blessing in disguise for many people. The latest entrant in this list is an online portal that lets you hire helpers for running various errands including  "someone to stand in queue of the bank / ATM till the time your turn comes?"


YES, you read it right and NO we are not kidding. While, the plastic cash and online wallets are rejoicing there are many who are trying to find ways of making money out of this distress. After the innovative website, that lets you find ATMs with cash, here comes with its own unique way to help the government. Below is the facebook post that is going viral.

Book my chotu run errands for ATM queues

Here's what it says in the description:


Are you short of cash ?

Need a Helper to stand in Queue of the bank / atm till the time your turn comes??

First on demand helper booking service

Hire Hourly Helpers @INR 90 per hr 

Available in DELHI NCR

The disclaimer on this post reads "****Please note our boys will not go inside bank , they will just stand in the queue for our customers as we understand that there can be some emergency and our helpers can help you in the same by saving your valuable time. Also chotu is just a name, all our helpers are above 18yrs of age."

Atleast they did follow it up with the clarification on the usage of the word "chotu." They very clearly mention it on their website that ‘Chotu’ is just a name for branding purposes. All employees are above the age of 18 and they have no objection with this name. I wonder if it really doesnt offend them to be called chotu for running errands. It is stereotyping at another level.


The founder CEO, Satjeet Singh Bedi says, “We thought of this as an opportunity to support the government in its fight against corruption and help our customers at the same time.”

India as a country is definitely struggling with the very implementation of the demonetization process and amidst these in-efficiencies and lack of infrastructure come these so-called-innovative brains trying to sovle the problem. But, when I think of these startups and the way they are now evolving, it is difficult to guess what else is in store for us. Just one word though, Jugaad! 

People on social media had mixed reaction on the same-

book my chotu reactions


Will you prefer cribbing about the long ATM queues or try this service? What's your take on startups trying to manipulate the demonetization process? Do share your views with us.