BloomReach helps e-tailers to engage customers deeply

Soma Tah
New Update

CALIFORNIA, USA: BloomReach, creators of the big-data marketing applications announced a new partner ecosystem that includes the market's top enterprise e-commerce platforms, mobile commerce platforms, agencies and tag-management technologies.


As consumer expectations rise for more relevant and personalized experiences across every channel, online retailers are challenged with integrating multiple data-driven technologies that deliver a connected experience. The BloomReach partner ecosystem allows retailers to more quickly and cost-effectively deploy complementary technologies without disrupting an organization's existing infrastructure.

The ecosystem is divided into two groups: companies certified as "BloomReach Ready," which means they have pre-wired integration that allow for simpler and efficient deployment of specific BloomReach applications; and "BloomReach Certified Experts," which are marketing agencies that are knowledgeable on all BloomReach big data marketing applications.

The BloomReach Ready partners are for:


BloomReach Organic Search, which captures big data about demand, products and behavior from across the web and on retailers' sites to optimize e-commerce content to attract the maximum relevant consumer intent, driving expanded organic search discovery and revenue. These partners include the top e-commerce platforms such as, Demandware, eBay Enterprise, IBM WebSphere Commerce, hybris Software, an SAP Company.

BloomReach Mobile, which delivers personalized discovery on mobile devices through optimized, personalized search, visual browsing, social trending and cross-device recommendations. It maps to the unique characteristics of both the mobile visitor and the device itself to the merchant's offerings.

The mobile commerce platforms that complement BloomReach Mobile are, Branding Brand, Mad Mobile, Moovweb, Skava.


Tag management systems can expedite deployment of either BloomReach Organic Search or BloomReach Mobile. Those companies include, BrightTag, Ensighten, TagMan, Tealium.

The BloomReach Certified Experts group of top marketing agencies consists of 360i, Ovative Group, iProspect, Stone Temple Consulting.

"Big data strategies are quickly becoming an essential cornerstone to stay competitive in e-commerce, and BloomReach is honored to be trusted by both established e-commerce leaders and innovative new technology companies as the go-to big data marketing leader," said BloomReach head of Marketing and Partnerships Joelle Kaufman.


"We've built a client list of more than 120 e-commerce leaders including 24 of the Internet Retailer Top 100, and we look forward to exploring new opportunities through our partners."

BloomReach Organic Search and BloomReach Mobile are powered by BloomReach's signature technology, the Web Relevance Engine (WRE), which combines web-wide intelligence and a deep understanding of each customer's content and visitor's behavior using machine-learning and natural-language processing to deliver highly relevant and adaptive content. It processes more than five terabytes of data and 150 million web pages a day, making it the most powerful big data marketing application commercially available in the world.

BloomReach Organic Search helps companies capture up to 60 percent net-new users that they cannot acquire through other channels and delivers uplift from organic search of 20 to 80 percent and a three-year profit ROI of more than 150 percent.

BloomReach Mobile creates unique, multi-channel experiences using data-driven search, visual discovery and individually created categories and selected results - increasing revenue per visit as much as 40 percent per visit.