Bitzer Mobile intros BEAST for securing business apps

New Update

SUNNYVALE, USA: Bitzer Mobile Inc., a technology leader in enterprise mobility, will showcase its BEAST technology and its community of apps at the Gartner ITXpo Symposium on October 6-10. BEAST (Bitzer Enterprise App Shield Technology) drives the company's unique approach, called containerization, for securing native mobile apps on employee's mobile devices.


Bitzer creates a "secure sandbox" container around enterprise apps using its BEAST technology. It injects a dynamic security policy engine around native apps that may be internally developed or acquired from app publishers. Containerization is a simple process as it does not require code changes within the app. IT departments are able to enforce and change fine-grained security policy on the app in real-time as well as keep their networks protected from rogue apps.

Bitzer has further strengthened this proposition by introducing support for a wide range of apps that have already been containerized and are ready to use by enterprises on mobile devices. It is showcasing its ecosystem of apps at Gartner some of which include Box, Colligo, SharePlus and Nitrodesk.

"The real value of enterprise mobility lies in end users being able to use work apps while they are away from the office. Companies that use a number of applications require significant resources for app enablement in order to leverage BYOD's benefits," said Andy Smith, VP of Product Management, Bitzer Mobile. "Our approach allows trusted business apps to share information and work together just like you were at your desk. More importantly, we have already secured critical business apps using our containerization approach which are now available through our app community."