Bitly lets you bitmark and more now

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BANGALORE, INDIA: It's not the same Bitly you used till yesterday to shorten your links. It does much more now. It has metamorphosed into a bookmarking site, virtually overnight.


Take, for instance, bitmark.

You can Save any link as a bitmark, be it articles, images, videos or music. Also, the revamped site says that users can save, share and discover links.

According to the site,, one can instantly search and filter bitmarks, organize related bitmarks into bundles and share bitmarks via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Additional features include options to invite friends to help curate your bundles, controlling the privacy of each bitmark and bundle and catching with what your Facebook & Twitter friends are sharing, all in one place.

"Discover bitmarks from around the Web recommended just for you. Come across something neat? Save it!" the popular site has stated.