Big Apple: the good, pad and the ugly!

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BANGALORE, INDIA: So the iPad is really a big deal, at least the social media across the world suggests so. An unofficial estimate suggests that 72 per cent of all conversations on Twitter over the last 9 hours (and showing no signs of slowing down) have something to do with the iPad. These include some classic numbers that are products of somebody’s stretched imagination.


One of the earliest ‘concerns’ about the iPad being a tablet was if it would mean a copyright infringement on the iPill. The tablet = pill logic caught on like wild fire last evening, and continues to be massively re-tweeted. We are only thankful it didn’t lead to anything more sinister along the lines of Apple needing contraception!

Somebody’s early morning ‘eureka’ moment happened when he thought the iPad derived itself from the eye pad – ‘the thingummy that you wear on your eyes on a long haul flight that makes you look like a pirate’ – maybe it has started to play music now!

Fans of the Mid-day tabloid were treated to this gem by columnist ‘AyyoRama’: iPad sounds too much like iPod, complain gadget buffs. And Steve Jobs is praying they won't start calling him Steve Jabs.


Well, Steve may not be too concerned about this one, but residents in a remote corner of Tamil Nadu are a confused lot – “What’s the big deal about? Isn’t it the same old music player that came in various versions, colors and sizes? We always called it the iPAD. What’s this new tablet thingie now?

Do you have your own little iPad joke? Tell us and spread and word. Till then, let’s all sing, “Appadi Pad”.