How the Best App Companies Make Addictive Apps

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Making an application for the web and mobile markets is easier now more than ever. This has lead to a direct increase in the number of development companies competing for attention on the mobile market. Making an application for the web and mobile markets is easier now more than ever. This has lead to a direct increase in the number of development companies competing for attention on the mobile market.


In turn, the customers of the mobile age are now much savvier and have increasingly discerning taste. As such, the quality of the applications has risen to meet the demand. The best app companies keep themselves on the cutting edge of trends without losing the essence of their brand.

Now that the app market is flooded on all sides with over 170 billion app downloads last year, new companies must find strategies that can propel them to the top of the charts. Simply copying formulas and regurgitating ideas will not do anymore. With these tips, we hope to show how the best of the best put the rest to rest.

The best app companies use principles of persuasion


According to Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Arizona Robert Cialdini, there are six primary principles of persuasion used in marketing. These six principles guide human behavior and are used by marketing and sales teams to ensure that a company garners happy customers.

The six principles are:

● Reciprocity - We feel more inclined to give when we receive. (e.g., Give a user a free version of your app, they are more likely to purchase something)


● Scarcity - We want more of what there is less of. (e.g., Offering rare gifts for specific actions)

● Authority - People will follow people who are credible, knowledgeable, or have obtained expertise. (e.g., A high-profile institution endorses your app)

● Consistency - Looking for asking for small commitments. (e.g., Your app ramps up challenges gradually)


● Liking - People like things that are relatable, complementary, and cooperative. (e.g., An easy-to-use app hits all of these elements)

● Consensus - When we’re unsure of what we want to do, then we look to others. (e.g., An app with a 5-star rating will have a higher likelihood of being downloaded)

Top app companies design with the user in mind


While you may want to dazzle users with fancy graphics, gesture commands, and studio-grade animations, all of these frills will amount to nothing if it doesn’t relate to the user experience.

Even if you believe you’re making a software product more robust by adding features and flashy designs, it won’t mean much if it is not designed in relation to a user’s journey. All the features you add should strengthen and embellish the cadre your user experience designer has already set in place.

They hire top UX designers


This is a critical point as UX design is surging now and is fast becoming the trend du jour. UX designers can fundamentally change the nature of your brand, site, and application by connecting with the user’s experience and designing to fit those needs.

Unlike graphic designers or web designers, UX designers put the feeling and fluidity of an application above all else when designing. They use a little bit of every web skills to create experiences for the user that will motivate them to become customers or loyal fans.

A site or application with excellent UX has been shown to increase the conversion rate as well. This leads to a direct reaction from those who take the time to design their UX with the best designers on the market.



Top app companies make applications that are geared to the consumer and are inherently addictive due to the nature of their customer-focused systems. They use all of the resources available to create experiences for their users that they will not forget.

Many competitors still do not understand that a good application is not just a pretty facade or catchy name.

It is, in fact, a series of intricate decisions based on emotional, social, and technological data. This is what makes the best app companies the best. They constantly appeal to the customer without losing quality. In the new age of mobile technology, quality reigns supreme. In order to even think about keeping up with the competition then the quality must be at its apex

The best app companies use the principles of persuasion to help nudge customers into certain actions, like putting more time into their app, converting, or sharing the app with others.

In addition, they design with the user in mind. They make sure to make the user journey the number one priority of the team, leveraging the skills of top UX designers to make sure it happens.

Guest Author: Greg Robinson, Tech Entrepreneur