BCP PlayBook: ThoughtWorks' collaborative work culture made the switch to Remote Work smooth

Saptorsi Hore, COO, ThoughtWorks tells how BCP strategies helped smoothen its transition to remote work

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The COVID-19 crisis has hit businesses harder than ever before. Although many large companies had a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place that they can fall back on in case of emergencies, but they fell short of expectations during this unprecedented crisis. In fact, sustaining the Business Continuity amidst the lockdown, social distancing, adapting to the 'New Normal' of remote work didn't quite go without hiccups for organizations across India.


Through the CIOL 'BCP PlayBook' series, we try to give you a glimpse into the strategic Business Continuity Plans of various organizations across industries including the plan, the execution, the benefits they got from their updated BCP initiatives.

Today, we will take you through ThoughtWorks' BCP initiatives.

In the video below, Saptorsi Hore, COO, ThoughtWorks tells how BCP strategies and digital solutions helped smoothen its transition to remote work and maintain business continuity during the COVID-19 crisis.


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ThoughtWorks has a very collaborative working style given its distributed teams. So several existing practices and tools lent themselves quite easily to the remote working environment. The teams were already comfortable with secure remote work bearing tools, white boarding, videoconferencing and chats for daily work. And since it moved the systems to the cloud already there was no requirement for physical servers or data centers.

COVID-19 has also disrupted business and operating models and made them adopt a lot more of the digital platforms and channels to serve end customers.  In ThoughtWorks, there has been a renewed focus on the offerings which are relevant to clients now or as they evolve for the future.


adopting a lot more of the digital platforms and channels to serve end customers. 

The hiring has gone completely remote as well. With clients now increasingly supportive of remote working, it helped ThoughtWorks i getting access to a much wider talent pool from pretty much from any location without any physical presence there.

During the COVID-19 crisis, ThoughtWorks has also put together its learnings in a remote work playbook of IT best practices and that proved very helpful for its clients and partners around the world, as they have been making their own transitions to remote work and encouraging their people to adopt those practices. Plus, ThoughtWorks always had a very open and transparent culture, hence the shift was not tough. 


Key Benefits:

Smooth transition to Remote Work

Increased access to a much wider talent pool


Supported customers with remote work

Contextualized offerings for the New Normal of work

"Covid, or no Covid, BCP is important to build resilience"  

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