Bay View revamps legacy; expects 50% cost savings

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NEW DELHI: SuperSolutions, an i-flex solutions company, has announced that Bay View Acceptance Corporation, an automotive financing company servicing, has replaced its FISERV existing legacy system with SuperSolutions' Daybreak Lending Suite running on an ASP basis.

Daybreak Lending Suite provides a customer-facing solution through online, real-time software that provides up-to-the-minute loan information and processing, as well as better data integration and workflow automation.

According to the press release, the suite provides Bay View with an anticipated savings of up to 50 percent, with a projected payback in less than two years. The web-based solution enables Bay View to implement a true, end-to-end servicing and collections system, consolidating the number of systems and software providers previously required and supporting the company's status as a leader in the indirect lender industry. Additionally, through its conversion support, the Daybreak Lending Suiteâ„¢ also supported Bay View's business goal of achieving Sarbanes-Oxley certification for its loan processing system.

"Daybreak Lending Suite is an advanced, web-based solution. It delivered the business results Bay View Acceptance Corporation needed to remain competitive, meet Sarbanes-Oxley certification requirements and grow its business. We were pleased to work with Bay View to achieve a successful implementation of this solution and deliver such dramatic savings over the previous legacy system," said SuperSoIutions CEO Sajal Mukherjee.