Bangalore traffic police to go cashless with new digital devices early next year

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CIOL Bangalore traffic police to go cashless with new digital devices early next year

Though we can’t deny the stress being caused by it, demonetization is apparently pushing many people towards digital transactions or we should say, digital India! Joining the list of small vendors, shop keepers and even cobblers shifting to digital payment is Bangalore’s traffic police.


After demonetization announcement, the traffic police officers had reduced the imposition of spot fines as citizens were complaining about the shortage of new currency. However, with new smartphone devices, the Bangalore traffic police officers will be able to accept penalties with the swipe of a credit/debit card.

According to ET report, the BlackBerry handsets used earlier by the traffic policemen for enforcement will be replaced with personal digital assistants under B-TRAC phase-two.

Citing Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) R Hithedra the report quotes, "A couple of mobile phones companies have approached our department with device options. The new device will be introduced at the beginning of January.”


Currently, there are 612 BlackBerry devices in the department to collect spot fines. Connected to a Bluetooth printer, they are used by police inspectors, sub-inspectors and assistant sub-inspectors of the city.

Without any need for manual record keeping, the money will go directly into the official account and the device will display previous offences like a cancelled driving licence due to drunken driving or over racing the vehicle. Registration database from the transport department will also be linked to the automated enforcement centre here.

Traffic police inspector Prathap Reddy N said, "If the new device comes with updated technology, well-linked to the RTO and a tech-savvy swipe option, it will be good for both the officials and the public. The cashless fine will bring more transparency to the system."

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