Startup Circle: How is Bambinos Live breaking geographical barriers to extra-curricular learning?

Read Ashish Gupta, Founder, Bambinos' opinion on how Indian parents are adapting to going online for extra-curricular activities and the future of Bambinos.

Laxitha Mundhra
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Startup Circle: How is Bambinos breaking geographical barriers to extra-curricular learning?

In India, large edtech companies are focusing majorly on the academic side or test preparation side. There is another important learning dimension, which is non-academic learning or extracurricular learning that’s not addressed. Currently, most parents rely on offline centres near their locality. Bambinos.Live, an online digital learning academy for extracurricular activities caters to kids in the 4-15 years of age group.


It offers more than 40+ courses across a variety of activities and subjects. Some subjects include Bhagavad Gita, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Kathak, Coding, Yoga, Mandala Art, Clay Modelling, Bollywood Dance, Phonics, Young orators program, English, Abacus etc. The market size for co-curricular and extra-curricular learning stands at $10 billion in India alone. Ashish Gupta, CoFounder, Bambinos.Live, believes that nurturing interests outside the world of academia equips children with essential life skills.

Read his opinion on how Indian parents are adapting to going online for extra-curricular activities. He also talks about what Bambinos.Live offers to the market and the path ahead.

Tell us about Bambinos.Live and its offerings.


At Bambinos.Live, we have seen a massive adoption of our services in customers and seen 15,000+ signups on our platform. We are delivering more than 20,000 live classes in a month. We have built a very robust process of exploration, evaluation and test to understand the value and impact that these courses make on the lives of kids. Further, we curate content and courses that qualify these rigorous processes on evaluations based on the world's best curriculum designers and educators who have at least 15 years of domain experience.

The platform also provides experts across fields who are directly involved in creating the content and delivering them. For example, we have Jas Johari, the world's speed reading champion.

What are the drivers/market trends that are shaping the After-school EdTech landscape in 2021?


With schools restricting the duration of online classes, an increasing number of working parents are signing their children up for extracurricular classes to keep them engaged. Earlier these classes happened at neighbourhood centres that have closed down post the pandemic. Almost all of the parents are now seeking online classes for extracurricular courses.

How is Bambinos tapping these market trends for growth? What is your market growth?

We are focussing on the quality and convenience offered. This will ensure that the parents who experience us will stick on with us even after the pandemic. Further, we are sure that the neighbourhood centres will not be able to match the quality and range of programs that we offer.


Bambinos.Live is one of its kind platforms due to which we get immense love from our customers. We laid the stone of Bambinos in April 2020, just in the middle of a pandemic but still, we have achieved a three-digit growth.

What tech transformation have you brought to the market?

We have built a very robust technology that will help customers and tutors with the ability to give and receive feedback; scheduling and reminder all automation. We are also in the process of building AI-enabled assessments. This will help tutors to focus on the strengths and areas of improvements of the kids.


What are your growth priorities for 2021?

We will continue to innovate on the content and quality of the program that we are building. We are also trying to automate some of the areas in the learning journey, especially the evaluation of the child’s learning needs, improve the in-class experience and reduce parent's efforts in selecting the right program.


We are in the final stages of closing our seed round. Those discussions are in the pipeline and they will be announced soon But in the initial days, we have raised a considerable investment from friends and family which include Ankit Nagori (Co-Founder Cure Fit) & Neeraj Aggarwal (Co-Founder Xto10x).