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MUMBAI, INDIA: MagnaQuest, a Business and operations support (B/OSS) solutions provider has announced that HNS will replace its existing solution with MagnaQuest's B/OSS suite comprising of MQSubscribe, a convergent customer management and billing solution and MQNsure, to centralise and modernise customer management, ordering, billing and payment processing. HNS has outgrown its existing subscriber management and authentication system and needed to replace it with a scalable, flexible solution with low TCO (Total cost of ownership).


"In the emerging broadband market, it is essential that we continue to enhance our systems to remain competitive and satisfy an increasingly sophisticated and Internet-savvy customers" said Suresh Vasudev Thakur, chief Executive officer, HNS. "MagnaQuest B/OSS suite centralises service activation and deactivation, delivers 360 degree subscriber view, monitors ordering and after-sales service and can enable HNS to deliver new, advanced services that customers want more quickly, consistently and efficiently. Our customers will also enjoy improved convenience and control through the new web self-service offerings."

MagnaQuest will integrate its B/OSS suite with Cisco and Microtik routers to centralise service provisioning, policy management, usage rating and billing. Now HNS can centrally change the service plan or provision and de-provision services for a set of subscribers based on business rules. New service launches or price changes or promotions can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

"With the growing broadband penetration in India, currently we are witnessing several operators outgrowing their existing systems. We have helped several operators in the past in migrating them from their legacy systems and have gained specialized knowledge in doing this. We are glad to mention that this in one of the reasons HNS has selected us to help them migrate from the existing solution and support their growth plans. We look forward to working with them and helping them in providing better services to their customers" said Vijay Debbad, CEO of MagnaQuest, as a press release adds.

Honesty Net Solution (HNS) is a class A licensed ISP, started in 1994. It is one of the first private ISPs in Mumbai, India offering broadband internet to corporates and individuals, and also other Internet solutions like web-hosting, managed services, etc. HNS has significantly invested in infrastructure development and relationship building with all the major network access providers.