Avocent 's DSView 3 platform with LANDesk server manager

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Avocent Corporation, an infrastructure solution provider, has announced initial integration of its DSView 3 management software platform, used to access and control data center devices, with LANDesk Server Manager, an enterprise software solution used to manage and protect data center and non data center servers. The combination of the two solutions enables comprehensive in-band as well as out-of-band management of servers and related IT infrastructure and ensures optimal server and data center performance and availability.


C.C. Fridlin, Director of Product Management of Avocent, said, "This integration is another proof point of the synergies we are achieving through the combination of Avocent and LANDesk technologies." C.C. Fridlin, Director of Product Management of Avocent, said, " This new capability helps ensure that data centers or server rooms are always on and always fully available - regardless of their location. We will continue to introduce integrated solutions that help our customers reduce operating costs and keep systems available."

Avocent's DSView 3 software platform enables secure, centralized management of IT assets in geographically dispersed data centers. The software allows IT administrators to remotely access, monitor and control target devices, such as servers, routers and intelligent power strips, on multiple platforms at numerous locations. Using out-of-band management, the software can be used to reach and restart servers or other devices that are not functioning or responding to in-band commands, regardless of the state of the equipment's operating system, a company's press release said.

LANDesk Server Manager supports rack-mounted and blade servers with low-impact services that let users choose the level of management coverage - from device discovery to extended performance analysis, security and configuration control. It enables enterprises to take inventory, provision, patch, monitor and to instantly assess server health and ensure optimum availability.

The new integrated software solution will be available from the first week of July.

Combined product highlights:

Bare metal provisioning - in a template-based method that creates reusable and highly repeatable systems configuration to ensure that servers are built in a consistent and reliable way with minimal human intervention. This includes configuring server hardware and installing operating systems, drivers, software and all necessary patches to ensure that a server is secure.

Patch management - ensures that servers are continuously examined for vulnerabilities and patches applied to maintain the server in a healthy and secure state. This includes such tasks as vulnerability monitoring, testing and deployment of patches.

Remote problem resolution - provides proactive monitoring and predictive failure detection to alert users of problems as soon as they occur, or in some cases before they occur. Should a server, regardless of its location, become unstable, the new solution can utilize out-of-band connectivity to diagnose the problem remotely and bring the server back to a productive state.