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Soldiering on in the Corona Crisis – What’s Keeping CIOs Busy

By : Pratima Harigunani

Safety, reassurance, business continuity and new brown-bag sessions – Most CIOs are moving ahead with clarity on what really matters in these tough times – as a quick glance at some CIO dashboards shows. This is neither the time for

The Hand Sanitiser effect on Tech – Will it last?

By : Pratima Harigunani

You can sneeze in this meeting, yes. But the tea-uptick that some tech segments are enjoying, or pushing, due to the coffee-scare (after Corona) may be just a blip. Is it big enough to roll on though? Strange effect no.

Multi-Cloud Era – So Who Wants a Mixed-Tape?

By : Pratima Harigunani

Saying Microsoft and Salesforce, or Azure and Dell, in the same breath was not just impossible but almost blasphemous a few years back. Or for that matter any two names that were vying for the same market. Today, we have

Not Drumroll but Drums: Andy Jassy With a Band of New Launches

By : Pratima Harigunani

This Re:Invent keynote was more like a blockbuster movie – a string of new characters, a peek into how both elephants and penguins can dance, potshots at rivals, wise-crack song interruptions and a twist about the DJ. So did we

Blockchain for Banks: Benefits and Implications

By : Pratima Harigunani

It was a momentous year–the Year 2008, not only due to that unprecedented financial quake that left the banking industry reeling under, but also for something that Satoshi Nakamoto was fiddling with. This new and raw concept of a crypto-currency

Inside HCL:VDI and more

Pratima H INDIA: Observing and acknowledging actual needs, gaps and possibilities is just one of the

The Aye and Why of AI

Pratima H INDIA: When he advises to think of an ocean with a prudent dimension and not

When Enterprises meet Aliens – ET is DT

UDAIPUR, INDIA: It’s a different DNA altogether and the species looks so light years ahead that

When is it ok to fail?

Sholom Weglein With a history going back to 2008, DevOps has been around for a while.

What if Doctors ran alongside super-fast Athletes? Barefeet.

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H VIENNA, AUSTRIA: Speed is into a spotlight – again. If some numbers are hinting

AI- the New UI?

Manish Choudhary Evolution of Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) From digital personal assistants to applications that provide contextual

Who’s watching your network bro?

Sriram Subramanian Networking is going through a phase of rapid evolution with the advent of cloud

Mona Lisa: No longer on CEOs’ walls. At least, not when they think security

MUMBAI, INDIA: From the whirlwind world tour that WannaCry attack tagged in May, to the Petya jolt

A GST-eyed handshake between Thomson Reuters and NSDL

Bangalore, INDIA: Thomson Reuters and NSDL e-Governance (NSDL e-Gov) have agreed to offer an integrated Goods

What’s tucked beneath those headphones?

USA: With all that noise buzzing inside open offices, it’s not a rare sight to see

Gatorade, Red Bull or Cloud?

MUMBAI, INDIA: Time and maintenance headaches are not exactly the provisions that start-ups can afford when they

Networks and Visibility, a rising security concern

BANGALORE, INDIA: If we go by highlights of a new study, Visibility can be key to breach

Automotive OEMs and the app-pedal

Shrikant Salke Automotive consumers have become increasingly tech-savvy and have started using mobile applications for each

GST should not stand for Gory, Sloppy and Tricky. But how?

Pratima H BANGALORE, INDIA: GST is just around the corner and with every passing day the

Less ROI, More Lawsuits – Why Big Data goes awry?

Arvind Purushothaman While large businesses and IT organizations are convinced of the potential of Analytics within