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Connecting leaders across the world for internet inclusion


The intent of this event is to provide a platform for a deeper dive into challenges, barriers, and opportunities to hasten efforts to connect the unconnected within the local context and perspective IEEE hosted an event in New Delhi which

Optimization of IT Landscape with Lower Risk

By : Nijhum Rudra

A recent research by Micro Focus revealed that four decades of technology innovation has delivered incredible returns, but at the cost of huge level of complexity. Customers are facing constant change driven by the demands of the business and their

Discovery Workshop for Digital Enterprise

By : Nijhum Rudra

Digital technology is a theme of a deep broad and sustained research initiative. “It is about building a digital enterprise, enterprise digital tracker. Digital as enterprise priority is on the rise,” says KD Singh, Founder and CEO- CoesAge. The digital

Key Drivers of Digital Transformation

By : Nijhum Rudra

“Keep innovating and think differently from your competitors,” begins Murali Bukkapatnam, CEO, GetDomestic Help. He explained about the various molds, procedures and structures of successful digital technology transformation. Breaking traditional molds- How digitally led organization operate, Digital economy- As technology

Storm the Norm- Changing the Methods of Cultural Innovation

By : Nijhum Rudra

“To change the business ecosystem you no need to change the entire ecosystem,” begins Ranjan Malik, Innovation Specialist. Nowadays, the whole world needs innovation, but then the question crop is that how are these organizations making innovation by innovative design?