Atheer labs 3D wearable computer developer kit available for pre-sale

New Update

MOUNTAIN VIEW, USA: Atheer, the company building the most advanced 3D immersive computing platform available, has announced it is opening pre-sales for its futuristic, wearable augmented reality computer as well making its developer tools available to the market in a Indiegogo campaign.


This is the first time a wearable device combines both true portability (~75 grams on the head) and natural touch interaction, and Atheer is introducing two of them: The Atheer Developer Kit (ADK), and the Atheer One: an early adopter device. ADK is a complete system that can act like a tablet or a laptop, and weighs around 75 grams on the head and 140 grams total weight (with the additional pocket unit.)

It offers high definition 2*XGA displays and a 36 degrees field of view (equivalent to a 15" tablet at half arm's length,) and offers a very low latency (sub 5 ms) high accuracy (sub mm resolution) touch interaction, all for $850. The Atheer One tethers to Android phones, and has a huge 65 degrees FOV display (similar to a 26" tablet at half arm's length), with 2*XGA resolution, all for around 70 grams of weight on the user's head and just $350 as a special pricing for the Indiegogo campaign.

Both devices leverage Atheer's 3D immersive computing platform, which puts developers and early adopters in control of the connected world and gives them the ability to interact, manipulate and control the data and devices around them so that they can play harder, work smarter and learn more.


Immersive computing is the next game-changing technology and is poised to fundamentally change our daily lives and the way we work. In the post-modern Internet where humanity and technology are not diametrically opposed but seamlessly integrated, Atheer's 3D immersive computing platform is singularly focused on enhancing and extending sight and touch to create seamless integration between virtual and physical worlds. The launch of the Indiegogo campaign and Developer Portal will give developers the tools they need to begin building on the Atheer platform and move Atheer closer to realizing the dream of a seamlessly connected future.

"There are a lot of considerations to make with a wearable system, for example people cannot wear glasses that are more than 100 grams for longer than twenty minutes. We were able to get all of the functionality and immersive experience in 75 grams and we're now putting it in the hands of the developers," said Soulaiman Itani, founder and CEO of Atheer Labs "We will support them as they create the next generation of immersive and engaging applications."

The Atheer Developer Portal provides access to the software for wearable devices that will augment the world around the user in 3D and allow the user to interact with this 3D digital environment through touch, voice, or head motion. Atheer's platform puts people at the center of the connected world by creating natural sensory interaction in the work-place and daily life, and could rapidly advance the future of wearable technology where users compute on the go with the swipe of a hand or the flick of a finger, without ever having to touch a physical keyboard or monitor.


Atheer will be the first platform to offer both a consumer product, Atheer One, and access to the developer kit, complete with an untethered pair of Atheer's wearable computer, in the same Indiegogo campaign. The capability of Indiegogo to reach both the consumer and developer communities, offers a unique online distribution opportunity that is more efficient than working with channel partners or retailers.

The Atheer Developer Portal will have two emulator options for immediate building, and the actual developer kit will allow developers to test their software. Between now and when the hardware kit is ready to ship, developers will have plenty of time to dream up ideas, build and test them in an emulated environment, and by the time they're ready to test on hardware, they'll have the hardware development kit in their hands.

The Atheer wearable computer features bleeding edge, patent pending computer vision and machine learning that allow for low power, real time natural interaction. The platform allows users to leverage standard, 2D Android applications within a 3D interface, and will have the capability to be integrated with any operating system. The platform also allows for the development of 3D applications.

The recent announcement provides developers with an opportunity to develop 3D augmented reality applications allowing them to build more immersive apps and user experiences. The Atheer OS has the capability to integrate with any operating system and allows OEM partners to create highly immersive gestured controlled experiences using a 3D interface and 3D applications built for the platform will fundamentally disrupt the existing mobile market, and will bring 3D augmented reality to the mainstream market for the first time.