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NEW DELHI, INDIA: Aten International introduced the CC2000 Control Center Over the Net management software as part of the centralized IT infrastructure management solution (CITIMS). 


CC2000 offers a single portal for centralized management of all devices managed through Altusen Over the Net products, including KVM Over the Net, Serial Over the Net, and Power Over the Net. 

CC2000 has one master and up to 31 slave servers. 

All of the CC2000 servers on the installation can view and manage each other’s devices, providing 24-hour reliability all year long.


The master-slave paradigm safeguards data transmissions through its built-in redundancy factors, which include automated database backup of master, slaves and devices; and real-time database updating. 

Redundancy ensures that should any of the CC2000 servers go down, the CC2000 management system keeps functioning since the redundant slave unit takes over to provide the required services until the downed units comes back up.  This double redundancy feature, in which each slave server can have its own redundant slave, ensures uninterrupted access and management of all installed devices.

In addition, the KVM port, serial port and power outlet of an IT device can be associated and presented in the same web page, which enables IT administrators to completely control an IT device from a single user interface. 

IT administrators can also power on/off/reboot multiple power outlets of an IT device via a single mouse click.  This single, integrated, browser-based interface enables connection methods without having access separate user interfaces making system management easier and more efficient. 

“In the modern workplace, enterprise level corporations require a solution that reduces IT operation costs at the same time that it increases IT productivity.  Aten offers a complete web-enabled centralized IT infrastructure management solution for convenient, economical, centralized remote access and management of IT devices in multiple data centers and distributed remote offices.” said Kevin Chen, president, ATEN International.