ATEN India Eases Data Centers and Control Rooms Management

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ATEN India at DCD event Mumbai

ATEN India, the Liaison Office of ATEN International, exhibited it's most promising data center infrastructure management products and solutions for CIOs at the DCD enterprise 2018 event. The event was held at the St. Regis, Mumbai, on October 25, 2018. ATEN's products and solutions were targeted at CIOs that were facing difficulty in managing security, control, and collaboration for their data centers and control rooms. ATEN showcased its latest technology solutions for securing data center connectivity and facilitating centralized management.

ATEN displayed its latest data center infrastructure management products in action. It also showed the operational working of few of the software products including Centralized Management Software CC2000, KE Matrix Management Software CCKM, DCIM, Video Session Recording Software CCVSR, etc.

ATEN's booth was the most engaged showcase at the event and attracted 120 CXO's and technical heads to visit the booth in a single day. ATEN India's management team touched upon a few important topics, such as data access management, Network Operations Center (NOC), Security Operations Center (SOC) security collaboration, data center infrastructure management, and centralized monitoring, all of which were of great interest to the guests at the booth.

Sunayana Hazarika, Marketing and Brand Manager at ATEN India, said, "We had the right solution displayed at the event, which attracted many CXOs and VIPs to our booth. Visitors at the booth appreciated the knowledge of our team on upcoming trends in secured connectivity, centralized monitoring, optimized energy usage, and seamless collaboration space. The event provided a good platform to interact and build relationships with our target audience. "

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