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The 80 x 30 x 13mm AT-WCU200G weighs 25g and fits easily into a pocket, giving users the mobility of having wireless access anywhere. The Wi-Fi certified adapter interoperates with any other Wi-Fi certified products, allowing for freedom to use the adapter at any Wi-Fi LAN environments, whether at home, in the office or any of the wireless hot-spots that are erupting across the country and in many parts of the world.


A Plug-and-Play device, the IEEE802.11g adapter supports infrastructure mode as well as ad-hoc peer-to-peer mode. The ad-hoc mode adds the convenience of wireless file sharing and data transfer among 802.11b/g enabled computers. Shipped with a 0.5m long USB cable that can be used to enhance ease of reach or boost the already superb reception, the AT-WCU 200G provides speeds of up to 54Mbps data rate.


This wireless gizmo offers power saving features and low power consumption for the battery-lifespan-conscious road warriors of today. In addition, to address security concerns, the AT-WCU200G has full WPA (Wireless Protected Area) support and enterprise-class security with up to 256-bit WEP encryption, among other security features.


Rs 3,450 /-