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MUMBAI: Digital home solutions provider ASUSTeK Computer Inc. has introduced the world’s first wireless music Skype phone, the AiGuru S1, in the Indian market.


“The goal of digital home technologies is to share computer resource with other electronic devices around the house and provide greater convenience,” said Joe Hsieh, director of ASUS digital home business.

“The AiGuru S1 packed several practical features for easy and wireless access of PC functions. Skype, listen to music or even manage music library with this new product,” he added in a statement.

According to Altaf Ansari, product manager, ASUS India, said, “The ASUS AiGuru S1 Skype phone not only provides mobility to Skype users but also allows them to enjoy music on their PC wirelessly. The AiGuru S1 support Duo-Audio features which allows playing PC audio and Skype calls simultaneously”


With 802.11b+g support, the AiGuru S1 enables Skype calls without wire constraints. The users are free to roam around their homes while chatting. Unlike conventional wireless Skype phones based on Bluetooth technology, the AiGuru S1 provides superior wireless signal quality and larger signal coverage. It doesn’t matter where the computer is located, users of the AiGuru S1 is no longer tied down next to their PCs or notebooks.

The AiGuru S1 comes equipped with a speaker that turns it into an MP3 player. Access and stream songs stored in the PC via Wi-Fi connection for wireless music enjoyment. It also includes remote controller functions and Microsoft Media Player support, allowing users to manage music library, and play, stop, pause and skip songs without being right next to the computer.

Caller ID, phone book entries, call history, speaker phone for conference calls and answering machine functions are all included in the AiGuru S1. Unlike other Skype phones, there is no need to access the computer to search for phone numbers and call history. Simply press a few buttons, and all information are shown on the AiGuru’s LCD display. In addition, the AiGuru S1 offers dual-audio channel, allowing it to operate without interfering with other computer audio functions. Users can watch DVDs or play games on the PC while making a free long distance call. 


This phone will be available at an approximate end user price of Rs 7,750.

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