Asia Powercom's new tuner card promises ultra sharp picture quality

Sharath Kumar
New Update

MUMBAI, INDIA: Asia Powercom, today introduced new PowerTV 306 LCD TV Tuner card to its new line of PC peripheral segment.


With a promising performance and durability PowerTV 306 TV Tuner from Asia Powercom offers the best to its customers. PowerTV 306 features a unique PIP function based analogue TV tuner card to provide fully functional remote control, full HD resolution with ultra-sharp picture quality. It also includes Force Ware Multimedia, a full-featured software application that gives consumers complete control over their multimedia programs with one, simple-to-use interface. Users can now enjoy and relax with personal entertainment with PowerTV 306 in Laptop/PCs.


  • New compact size HD TV tuner for easy travel and storage
  • Advanced scanning frequency technology to provide ultra-sharp picture quality
  • Full HD TV resolution for real viewing pleasure
  • Next generation Silicon Tuner
  • 4/9/16 unique picture visit function
  • Super 3D graphics for stable picture

Tejas Sheth Director at Asia Powercom, said: "Now being able to watch TV on your PC or laptop is handy with PowerTV306 TV tuner card. With this we have added a feather in the cap of our peripheral range. This handy gadget offers additional features like recording, pausing, rewinding digital terrestrial TV and watches multiple channels at once. TV tuner cards are a great investment if someone does not have a television; they're much cheaper than buying a proper television set and means that your computer becomes even more useful. We are happy to present Asia Powercom PowerTV 306 LCD TV Tuner card a compelling solution for anyone looking to transform their PCs into an all-in-one TV capable of delivering a high-quality home entertainment experience."


Price, Warranty and Availability

Asia Powercom PowerTV 306 LCD TV Tuner card comes with the MRP of Rs. 1999/- and the product is available with Asia Powercom carrying a warranty of 2 years.