Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch out in 2019

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From a simple task of making a phone call to complex tasks of big data analysis in quantum computers, Artificial Intelligence has started re-shaping almost every domain of life. 2018 witnessed innumerable breakthroughs that turned into reality with help of AI, and the following year is going to observe the rise of new dimensions. Whether it is consumer goods, financial services, manufacturing, media, healthcare, retail, communication or energy, AI implications are creating a digital world capable of materializing every possible human thought. Some new advancement in AI that will become a spectacle in 2019 are –

Evolution of ICT with AI and IoT

The confluence of Artificial Intelligence with the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought enormous possibilities into the light. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last decade, especially with advents in AI. Today, with nearly 2.5 billion smartphone users, the global internet penetration rate has reached 55.1%. The network of wearables and smartphones will bring many more new features to directly impact the communication, healthcare, and fitness industry. Speculating the trends, the market will witness evolved AI enables devices that will cater to most of the user requirements viz. managing daily tasks and monitoring health vitals in a more efficient way.

Virtual agents with voice and face features

Ravish Yadav, Riversong Technologies

Ravish Yadav, Riversong Technologies

Chatbots have become the need of the hour for most businesses in the past few years, and 2019 will witness a new generation of advanced chatbots renamed as ‘Virtual Agents’. These new AI-powered chatbots will come with voice and face features to assist the customers by personifying the company. This will make the customer service more effective leading to an increase in business growth. The life-life AI enables virtual agents will surpass their current roles of answering customers’ queries, helping customers’ shopping, and taking feedbacks. The new age chatbots will take on engaging conversations as a personalized assistant to the consumer by leveraging AI based machine learning and learning consumer behavior.

Advance AI Assistants for everyday life

AI-powered Speech recognition tools like ‘Siri’ from Apple and ‘Alexa’ from Amazon bedazzled people in 2018 but the coming year will unveil more advances with help of AI evolution. People will embrace the new developments which will be able to do more than just playing a song, telling the weather, searching for information online, and controlling lights & household electronics. Evolving out of the smart speakers, advance AI assistants will exhibit their skills in recruitments and conversational searches as well.

Automated Machine Learning

AI has already empowered systems to automatically learn and improve from experiences without the help of overwriting algorithms every time. The year 2019 will bring to life application of AutoML (Automated Machine Learning) algorithms. This will help developers to evolve systems with AutoML that can solve complex problems without creating specifically targeted programs. This will help bridge the existing gaps prevailing between the actual potential of technology and its existing use. The devices of 2019 will come with greater flexibility, portability, and accuracy than their previous versions.

Big Data Science implications 

Application of Big Data Science through AI enables machine learning programs will not just benefit humanity but will also strengthen the cybersecurity. Data analytics have been proving successful in driving businesses across verticals and leveraging Big Data will help in evolution of all core industry segments to a great extent. ML and AI will be able to compute an enormous amount of complex data helping businesses to target the areas of potential growth and mitigate risks. The AI processed data analysis will also improve the consumer experience and make lives easier than ever.

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