Artificial Intelligence Backed Recruitment Platform Vasitum Launches in India

Artificial Intelligence Recruitment portal Vasitum, a Delhi-based HR technology startup, launches today. It is the sister entity of Maven Workforce,

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Vasitum, a Delhi-based HR technology startup, launches today. It is the sister entity of Maven Workforce, a decade old recruitment organization. Upgrading the HR industry to the modern technological advancements of the day, Vasitum offers artificial intelligence (AI) tools, equipping recruiters & job seekers with an easy-to-use solution.


With recruiters being bombarded with applications & job seekers swamped with irrelevant opportunities, Vasitum acts as a holistic solution provider. The simplified user interface (UI) provides ease in recruitment or job hunting, with real time candidate screening to catalyze tasks, which were previously heavily time consuming. At launch, all individuals can avail Vasitum’s services for free to use the offerings.

Vasitum makes Job Seekers’ lives easier by

#Screening applications real-time, making the hiring process faster and more transparent

#Recommending jobs based on a 90% match rate

#Real-time updates on application development

#Automating scheduling, synced with your calendar system of choice

#Upgrading your resume via free, downloadable template

#Removing gender bias or past educational facility from the selection process

#Providing the fastest job search platform in India

#Neatly tracking all applications


Vasitum makes Recruiters’ lives easier by

* Pre-screening candidate real time via AI driven technology

* Automating candidate updates for transparent, real time communication

* Automating scheduling, synced with your calendar system of choice

* Recommending ideal candidates in a pool of quality talent based on 90% match rate

* Enabling free job posting

The streamlined application tracking system (ATS) on the platform, allows recruiters to bucket each application systematically. On receiving a resume the platform proactively spots any gaps, asking job seeker pre-set follow-up questions. This determines the fitment for the position and schedule interview with the recruiter at the same time. Vasitum also offers job seekers an automated, downloadable resume revamp via various templates. Vasitum’s cutting-edge technology provides numerous services to recruiters and job seekers under one umbrella. The free service’s transparent, real-time interface makes it distinctive in the market.


Commenting on the launch, Vikram Wadhawan, Founder of Vasitum said, “52% of talent acquisition leaders say screening candidates is the hardest part of recruitment. On average, 23 hours are consumed in resume screening. The heart of Vasitum’s creation was an effort to bridge the gap between scouting for efficient candidates and reducing the manpower investment. With 18 years in the industry, I was extremely familiar with the pain areas and knew that there could be a better solution. And thus, Vasitum’s scope of work expanded. We’ve been working on the product for a little over a year and we’re beyond excited to welcome the platform to the world, facilitating connections and conversations - faster and more transparently.”


# India’s job market is expected to rise up to 15-20% within the 2018-2019 financial year

# Annually, 6 million graduates enter the Indian job market, alongside 397 million employees

# By 2020 India will be the world’s youngest country with an average age of 29

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