Arrow Bit intros Mac apps to access Outlook files

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NEWARK, USA: Arrow Bit SL, a software development company has released PstExporter and PstServer, two applications that provide alternative solutions for a long-standing obstacle to Mac owners.


Users switching from Windows to the Mac will now be able to either migrate their messages, or access them directly with virtually any e-mail program. Unlike other solutions, both applications run entirely on Mac OS X, which means that Windows and Outlook are no longer required for the transition to occur said a press release.

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"For many years, pst file support was absent from the Mac world. With these new tools we expect to help an often overlooked community of users," said a spokesperson from Arrow Bit.


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PstExporter converts pst files from Microsoft Outlook to the common mbox format. Files created with PstExporter can be easily imported with programs like Apple Mail or Entourage added the release.

It further added, for users that continue to use Microsoft Outlook, but still need visibility of their emails on a Mac, PstServer provides an innovative solution which allow e-mail programs to access outlook files by communicating with PstServer via the IMAP protocol. Thanks to the open nature of that protocol, almost any e-mail client in the market will be able to interact with PstServer.