ArmyCloud launched

ArmyCloud is the first ever government cloud infrastructure to be hosted on software-defined data center

Sonal Desai
New Update

NEW DELHI: The Indian army which is on its way to embrace digital today launched an ArmyCloud.


Drawing parallels with Google, one of the largest public cloud services provider globally, the ArmyCloud is also highly encrypted and will store personnel as well operational data.

Over the cloud infrastructure, inaugurated by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar hosted on software-defined data center and a near line date center in Delhi and a disaster recovery site along with virtualized servers and storage in an environmentally controlled complex.

According to officials, the infrastructure and platforms being made available for automation and digitization will catalyze the pace of digitization in all branches of the army and is a landmark towards transforming Indian Army from a platform- centric to network-centric force.

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