Are you a nomophobe? Don't worry, Google will track your mobile now

Soma Tah
New Update

Well... if you are not familiar with the word 'Nomophobia', let me break the word down to 'no-mobile-phone-phobia'- the fear of being without a mobile device.


We all know about the anxieties suffered by mobile phone users, when they run out of battery or find themselves stuck in areas with limited or no connectivity and hence it's not difficult to imagine the fear of not being able to find the phones or losing phones altogether.

Mobile devices often contain sensitive data and if it falls in the wrong hands, could cause trouble.

But stop worrying now. You can locate any lost Android and iOS devices with the help of Google.


Google has brought this Find your phone  feature in  its My Account  that will help you if your phone is ever lost or stolen. In a few simple steps, you can locate your phone and lock it. You’ll also be able to access the feature soon by searching Google for “I lost my phone''.

Google's My Account feature is used by more than 1 billion people around the world and hence it is making the access easier to My Account by voice commands as well. You can simply say, “Ok Google, show me my Google account,” and Google will take you right there.

Google also wants to make it even more simpler in future to access My Account, by allowing you search for your own name on Google search, and give you a shortcut to My Account, if you’re signed in already.

The feature will be useful if you to want to check the privacy security status of your device and run a quick security check up or change the account preferences or in case you want to delete your account or services.

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