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C-CHANGE 2017: Taking the guess work out of VDI

June 16, 2017 0 comments

Santosh Pandey, Director GM, Dell Cloud Client Computing As the need arises to go small and do big out of technology, VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) can play a crucial role in curtailing cost and saving time. The changing digital era

Discovery Workshop for Digital Enterprise

March 12, 2016 0 comments
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Dr. Sikka and Infosys’ report card

January 9, 2015 0 comments

INDIA: Infosys posted better than expected revenue growth for the quarter ended December 31, 2014. The net profit was also better than expected with 13 per cent YTY in USD and in local currency. The new Infosys strategy, along with

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Digital Transformation

How SAP helped BEUMER to Streamline Its Travel & Expense Management

February 18, 2019 0 comments

BEUMER Group is a parent company headquartered in Beckum, Germany. It is a Euro 1 billion+ group in the material handling space with five different business segments that deal in both discrete and bulk material handling. BEUMER India is 100%

AI in Healthcare: Enormous Opportunities

February 14, 2019 0 comments
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5 Best Machine Learning Platforms For Developers

February 21, 2019 0 comments

Right tool in your hand can lead to your success. The field of Machine learning is growing rapidly, so the job openings in the sector too. Developers who are looking for their career upgrade, moving towards the ML and brushing

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5 exciting ways to celebrate Dussehra

October 16, 2018 0 comments

With the festive season nearing, it is time to get away from our monotonous schedule and be prepared for all the fun that is coming your way. Dussehra marks the onset of the vacation season, which means more family time

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Future Workspace

How AI and ML are Changing the Technology Landscape

February 12, 2019 0 comments

By Nitin Kumar, Fellow Programme Student, Management Information System Group, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta The Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape has been evolving for the past couple of decades now. Today, we are at the tipping point of irreversible change

5 Key Artificial intelligence Trends for 2019

February 5, 2019 0 comments
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Global Sourcing

Top 10 Certifications For 2019

January 24, 2019 0 comments

Simplilearn’s list of Top 10 Certifications For 2019 includes the top 10 popular and trending certifications that pay you well in the current market. These are the highest paying certifications that you need to take up in order to make

Digital Transformation – The Next Frontier

November 28, 2018 0 comments
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HR Technologies: Boosting Employee Performance

October 25, 2018 0 comments

A key challenge facing HR teams is to monitor and improve employee productivity effectively. Higher productivity among the workforce has been seen to positively correlate with a reduction in presenteeism, improvement in morale and overall engagement levels and also with

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10 Best IoT Platforms in 2019

January 30, 2019 0 comments

Internet of Things (IoT) is among the fastest growing industries in the present time. We can see connected device in our homes and offices, even now Indian car manufacturers are using IoT solution to connect our cars to offer smarter

5 Best IoT Platforms to Watch for in 2019

January 21, 2019 0 comments

IoT Enabled Smart Parking to Decongest Cities

December 24, 2018 0 comments
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How to Find My Android Phone: Step-by-Step Process

February 22, 2019 0 comments

Have you lost your phone and want to track? It’s not that difficult as seems. Earlier we talked about 6 Best Find My Android Phone and IMEI Tracker Apps and this time we are explaining the step-by-step process to locate

5 Best Artificial Intelligence Applications

February 20, 2019 0 comments
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How Employees can Grab Better Opportunity with Data Literacy

February 13, 2019 0 comments

How could I get a better opportunity? Or How can I seek career growth in the current organization? These are some common questions that every employee thinks of. Imagine an extremely common workplace scenario: your boss is on an extended

The Rise of a Subscription Based Economy

February 11, 2019 0 comments

AI and the Year of the Intelligent Chat Bot

February 4, 2019 0 comments
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Impact of AI on Assessing Individual’s Creditworthiness

January 31, 2019 0 comments

Checking one’s creditworthiness is a very intricate subject, as all their previous financial behaviour is comprehensively perused. All the weighted parameters are assessed and combined together to form one’s Credit Score, which is the tool used by the banks/lenders to

Can you Really Raise Funds for Free?

October 24, 2018 0 comments

Why should SMEs look at Cloud Technology?

October 15, 2018 0 comments
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UPSC CSE 2019: Exam Notification to Release Today

February 19, 2019 0 comments

Official notification for UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) Civil Services Exam (CSE) 2019 will release today. This year, official UPSC CSE announcement get delayed, while in 2018 official notification for CES exam had released on 7th Feb 2018. Along with

Improving Visibility in Mobile Web Search

October 26, 2018 0 comments
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Good News for Indian Tech Startups: Entrepreneur First enters India with $25 million allocated to promote tech startups

February 6, 2019 0 comments

Entrepreneur First (EF), a pioneering UK based global talent investor has entered India with $25 million committed from its larger fund, to promote tech startups in the country. EF also announced its first-ever Indian cohort of 50 founders who were

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Success stories

CXO of the Week: Sumit Ghosh, CEO, PowerAdSpy

February 22, 2019 0 comments

For the current week, we have chosen Sumit Ghosh CXO of the week. He is a serial entrepreneur, who started his entrepreneurial career with an IT Services company Globussoft and scaled it to USD 2 million in annual revenues. His

CXO of the Week: Sanjeev Kumar, CTO, Gradeup

February 15, 2019 0 comments
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Ixia Launches Scalable 5G User Equipment Emulation Solution

February 22, 2019 0 comments

Keysight Technologies, Inc. announced the availability of a new scalable 5G User Equipment (UE) Emulation Solution from Ixia, a Keysight Business. The new solution provides network equipment manufacturers and solution providers with end-to-end, scalable testing of 5G base stations to

Gemalto first in the world to make 5G SIM

February 21, 2019 0 comments
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Tech Buzz

RTM Banking Trojan hits Over 1.3 Lakh Users

February 22, 2019 0 comments

Kaspersky Lab researchers have detected a surge in activity by the RTM Banking Trojan: with the overall number of users attacked in 2018 exceeding 130,000 – an increase from as few as 2376 attacked users in 2017. The pace of

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Varun Chandran, self made tech millionaire

May 11, 2016 0 comments

The journey of a self-made millionaire, Varun Chandran, originated from God’s own country Kerela started in 2002. At present, he is the Founder and Chief Executive of Corporate360, the leader in B2B sales intelligence who is responsible for advancing C360’s

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Emerging “Post-Digital” World Provides New Businesses Opportunities

February 7, 2019 0 comments

The enterprise is entering a new “post-digital” era, where success will be based on an organization’s ability to master a set of new technologies that can deliver personalized realities and experiences for customers, employees and business partners, according to Accenture

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