Apple’s developer preview offers emojis like Face Palm or Shrug

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So, in the latest Apple’s developer preview of iOS 10.2 we have been told that fresh emojis have been added. First look at them would tell you how relatable they are and perhaps way better than the other emojis we have been accustomed to. As spotted by Emojipedia, these emojis includ a Shrug, Avocado, Face Palm, Duck, Fox, Fingers Crossed and even a Gorilla (AKA Harambe).

CIOL facepalm apple emojiEmojipedia

In its latest developers preview it showcased these 72 emojis and also included the lineup for Emoji 4.0, the overhaul that adds male and female versions of most jobs to the official Unicode rulebook, plus expands skin tone options across the board. The update fully supports Unicode 9, so users will have access to the 72 emojis Unicode accepted back in June. In addition to the shrug emoji, there’s the face palm, selfie, owl, pancakes, and avocado.

ciol emoji appleEmojipedia

The preview also shows off the final batch of updated emojis, which covers food and transportation icons. The new designs are less flat, with more emphasis on detail and lifelike colors. There’s no official public release scheduled for iOS 10.2, but Emojipedia expects it to land this month.

Emojipedia comments on the new style as being “more bulbous, with sharp details which are beautiful,” But also regrets loosing  some of the “hand crafted details of the original set.” But also finds this new 3D-style set looks like a “cohesive collection for the first time.” Cohesive or not we will have to wait and watch till Apple does a public release of these features till then we can just shrug! ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

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