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BANGALORE, INDIA: Apple Inc's latest flagship smartphone iPhone 6 is up for grabs in India from today.


Several electronics retail stores across the country opened their shutters to people eagerly waiting to buy the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

The 16GB iPhone 6 model is priced at Rs 53,500 (comparable to the current price of the 128GB iPhone 5s). The 64GB and 128GB models cost Rs 62,500 and Rs 71,500 respectively. The iPhone 6 Plus raises the bar even higher, with the 16GB base model sitting pretty at Rs 62,500, the 64GB at Rs 71,500, and the 128GB model demolishing your pocket at a cool Rs 80,500. (To put things in perspective, a budget trip to Thailand can work out to about Rs 50,000 inclusive of airfare.

According to reports many stores in Mumbai have started accepting bookings for Apple's latest smartphones on a Rs 1,000 down payment, and have been handing  out tokens that could be used to allot phones when stocks came in.

Several store owners are quoted saying that they expected stock of iPhone 6 to reach them at about 11:30pm, on Friday.

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