Apple has an on-screen home button for the defective iPhone 7

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Apple's latest addition to the iPhone segment included loads of major variations to the device such as no headphone jack and no home (physical) button. Instead, it was installed with a force sensitive static button.


However, keeping in mind the foreseeable concerns or complaints, Apple has already provided a workaround when the new button stops working. Though it sounds like a technical problem, but when you use the alternative feature, the problem might look as ‘one-of-the-perks-of-iPhone.’

CIOL Apple has an on-screen home button for the defective iPhone 7

Whenever anything is wrong with the 'force sensitive static button' or when it's not functioning properly, your iPhone 7 will inform your phone needs to be serviced and will provide a temporary on-screen home button.


According to the MacRumours forum user iwayne, the phone displayed the above message after it turned off while charging. When the user restarted the device, "it worked at first then started spazzing out. The Haptic engine kept firing three to four times in a row for every 'press'. I restarted the phone again and it's back to not working."

The onscreen home button can also be accessed via the Accessibility options in the iOS settings.

Though this feature does point the future plans of Apple ditching the home button completely, the temporary solution will be a relief for those with defective phones.

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