Apple to focus on home segment

CIOL Bureau
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BANGALORE, August 24: Apple

Computer International plans to increase channel partners for iMac in

India and target the home segment. Announcing the startegy for iMac, Apple

Computer International managing director (India and SAARC countries) Naren

Ayyar said, "iMac is not just any computer. With its Internet

capabilities and ease of use for homes, iMac is more of a consumer


For this purpose, Apple is doubling its 50 channel partners shortly. In

the first phase, Apple is appointing new channel partners in 14 metros,

second phase is targeted towards all state capitals and rest in the third

phase. Presently in India, Apple has 35 dedicated Mac service providers

and 60 authorized resellers in India. Also in its aggressive plans to

increase the sales of iMac, Apple is partnering with Cyber Cafes where

people can use iMacs with other systems. Meanwhile, Apple is planning to

introduce mobile Cyber Cafes with iMacs for housewives.

Recently, Apple introduced `Test byte the Apple' programme for homes in

South Delhi. Under this, consumers are allowed to take iMac’s to their

home for seven days and use it at no cost. This scheme is currently

available for credit card (gold) holders in Delhi and is being implemented

as a pilot programme. Mr Ayyar is planning to extend this programme to

other parts of Delhi. He said, "`Test byte the Apple' is currently

being implemented as a pilot programme in South Delhi, we have received an

overwhelming response for this, shortly this will be extended to other

parts of Delhi."