Apple finds a fix for a bug in its Apple Music app

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Apple has found a fix for a problem in its Apple Music service that wouldn’t properly match existing songs that the users had in their iTunes libraries, reports The Loop.


According to the report, Apple has been quietly rolling out iTunes Match audio fingerprint technology which is much more accurate than the metadata version of iTunes Match previously used, and should enable you to accurately match the correct version of a particular song.

The version of iTunes Match that is now available to Apple Music subscribers is actually the same iTunes Match service that iTunes users have been paying for as a separate subscription, with all Apple Music subscribers now eligible to use the full version of iTunes Match at no cost.

CIOL  Apple finds a fix for a bug in its Apple Music app


Once activated, this service will rematch each and every song on your device to the correct version and not auto-delete any copies of the song as well. And most importantly, following the introduction of the new algorithm, you will be able to re-download songs from your iCloud library DRM-free.

“If you subscribe to Apple Music, you don’t need to do anything to receive the new version of iTunes Match. Apple is switching over 1 percent to 2 percent of its users every day, automatically,” says the report in The Loop.

Current Apple Music and iTunes Match subscribers can let their iTunes Match subscriptions expire while continuing to get the same functionality, and should see no changes. iTunes Match users who are not Apple Music subscribers will need to continue to pay for iTunes Match. Apple Music subscribers will know if they have access to iTunes Match because there will be a "Matched" label in the iCloud Status of iTunes on the Mac.

Apple introduced a completely redesigned Music app alongside iOS 9 last year but with a poor music matching algorithm for free users of the service. The ‘iTunes Match’ subscription service at $25 per year, instead allowed accurate sync of personal music to the cloud which checks your music against more than 43 million songs that are currently available in the iTunes Store. And if it doesn’t find a match for a particular song it uploads it directly to your iCloud, which can then be accessed from any of your devices.

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