Applane brings online fee payment module to schools

Soma Tah
New Update

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Applane announces solution to automate the fee management system for schools to make fee collections faster.


Fee Management is the one of the most important activities in a school and requires tight control over fee collection and fee processing to ensure there are no lapses in financial management at the school. This makes Fee Management Software indispensable for schools which strive to keep their financial processes streamlined and accurate.

For parents, fee payment becomes a more convenient process as there is no need to stand in long queues or take leave from work for submission of fees. They can pay their child's fees anytime, anywhere; get access to the fee details (break-up, deadlines, etc.) and payment history which is downloadable for keeping record.

Applane minimizes the effort on the activities surrounding school fee payments and helps build more efficient institutions. It thus helps in overcoming the challenges faced by schools and parents by providing greater visibility of the process and data, allowing the process to be more efficient and convenient.


Applane for Education eliminates the traditional interim steps like raising invoices, collecting cheques/cash, depositing cheques and cash payments, etc. It reduces the human effort and time, as there is no need to attend to long lines of parents or manually collect and count payments. Additionally, auto-generated reports are sent for areas of interest such as, late payments, payments due and fees paid, etc.

Applane provides end to end ERP Solutions to over 100 schools. Current users of Applane include the best managed schools and colleges in India and internationally who not only want to comply with complex regulatory requirements in an accurate and timely way but also want to set a benchmark in school technology and infrastructure.