App developers have an Eye on Your Gmail Messages

Gmail is the most popular email client worldwide, but unfortunately not the secure enough. Recently The Wall Street Journal reported that Google allowing

Ashok Pandey
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The most popular email client worldwide, Gmail, unfortunately, isn't secure enough. Recently, The Wall Street Journal reported Google's flaw that lets app developers read people’s messages. About a year ago, Google promised to protect all the accounts, but haven't done much.


Software developers use a simple trick to get access to Gmail accounts. For instance, to use a particular app you need to log-in using your email credentials. Apart from filling up the sign-up form with all the details, you go for the easy way and let them access your Gmail account to fetch all the details from there. To process the same, users need to allow the app to access your Google account. Once you clicked on "Allow" button, it won’t only get your email details, also chances are they get access to read your private messages.

Users who signed for some of these programs, the app developers electronically ‘scan’ inboxes and in some cases, they read the messages, according to the report. Google is providing Gmail services to 1.4 billion users and the revelation comes at the time when all the tech giants are under pressure to make more strong privacy policies in the US and Europe.

It’s not only about Google; other email service providers also let developers access inboxes. In the Gmail cases, the users allow or agree to let them access their profile. The unclear part in this vetting process is how deep access the outside developer adheres to their own agreement. And what is the role of Google here? Is Google doing anything to ensure the privacy of its Gmail users?

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