Anuj Vaid has been named CMS IT Services’ new Executive Director

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CMS IT Anuj Vaid

CMS IT Services has named Anuj Vaid as the new Executive Director. In his new role as ED, Anuj will bring into fruition the CMS IT 4.0 Strategy. He has championed and formulated the strategy with his expert understanding of the organisation’s capabilities and customer profile. He will also focus on synergizing the entire business- sales and delivery operations. Further, he aims to furture-ready the enterprise and stay relevant in the new business paradigm.


About Anuj Vaid

Before this, Anuj was the company’s Executive Vice President and CSMO. Since joining CMS IT Services in 2015, he has been responsible for executing the company’s strategic agenda. Anuj has been at the helm of prominent achievements like the Defensible Cybersecurity Framework to tackle cyber threats in the COVID-19 scenario. He has also helped CMS IT receive India’s First AI-Driven Automation Shared Delivery Model; the ‘Remote Automation Centre for Enterprises’ (R.A.C.E) with Automation Anywhere.

Anuj is famous for his keenness leveraging the latest technologies such as Cloud, BOTs, AI/ML and IoT to deliver stellar results and is a major contributor to the entire revenue generation chain. His 25-year career as a transformative growth leader heading multi-national markets has advanced his record of turning company portfolios into high-value outcomes, offering exceptional customer experiences, and partnering with industry front-runners like Microsoft, Trend Micro, Ramco, Vmware, CISO, Acer and IBM, to name a few.


About CMS IT

CMS IT services is an industry leader in Managed IT services and system integration. The company combine world-class cloud, digital, automation and cybersecurity expertise with a core strength in leveraging optimal technologies to rapidly create efficiencies and scale operations.

They offer an extensive array of services to help customers thrive on next-generation technologies; helping build, transform and manage their IT operations. Their services include cloud assessments and migrations, application digitization and modernization, digital experience enhancement, information management and cybersecurity, IT automation.

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