Angel One Welcomes Anuprita Daga as Group CISO

Angel One has announced the joining of Anuprita Daga as its Group CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). Read here the details.

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Anuprita Daga

Anuprita Daga

Angel One has announced the joining of Anuprita Daga as its Group CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). Angel One views information security as the foundation of its business, utilizing technology and data-driven strategies to provide its clients with unmatched solutions. This strategic appointment of Group CISO, who will play a critical role in strengthening and advancing the security infrastructure across multiple businesses of Angel One, is an example of the fintech's unwavering commitment to technological excellence. Angel One's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy in the rapidly changing financial technology sector is demonstrated by this appointment.


Anuprita comes to Angel One with a flawless 25 years of domain experience, having led security transformation, established and implemented security strategies, managed data privacy, and made sure global and regulatory standards were adopted and followed in the banking and finance sector. Anuprita will improve Angel One's data privacy, cyber security, and information security framework in her current position. Her primary focus will be on enhancing the creation, execution, and enforcement of strong security protocols to protect confidential client data as well as sensitive data within the company.

Dinesh Thakkar, Chairman and Managing Director, Angel One Limited, said, “This marks a significant milestone for Angel One as we proudly welcome Anuprita to our team, as the Group Chief Information Security Officer. Her extensive experience and proven track record in championing data security, align seamlessly with our commitment to setting new standards in the fintech space. With Anuprita at the helm of our security strategy, we reaffirm our dedication to fortify our commitment to ensure enhanced security measures for our clients."

Anuprita Daga, Group CISO, Angel One Limited, said “I am thrilled to join Angel One, a pioneering force in the fintech space. As Group CISO, I look forward to leveraging my experience to fortify the organization's security posture. Angel One's commitment to technological excellence aligns seamlessly with my passion for driving robust security strategies. Together, we will navigate the dynamic landscape of data security, ensuring the highest standards of privacy for our clients and contributing to the continued success of Angel One in the fintech industry.”


Anuprita showed excellent competency in managing compliance in a complicated and varied regulatory environment during her tenure as Yes Bank's former CISO. She played a key role in advancing security procedures throughout digital banking channels and goods that offered safe financial services. She has also made sure that all related third-party outsourcing partners implement thorough security protocols.

Anuprita has garnered esteemed recognition within the industry due to her outstanding accomplishments. She has been bestowed with The Global Top 100 Chief Information Security Officer by one of the UK forums. In addition to the international honor, she has earned the distinction of being recognized as a Top CSO 50 India and Top 10 Women Tech Leaders by various forums.

Anuprita also actively supports the growth of the industry by serving as a reputable juror for numerous forums, including the Women in Cyber Security (WiCSE) forum from the USA, the CISO MAG Awards, CNBC, and many more. Her dedication also includes serving as a mentor and judge for the start-up assessment program initiative, which is being spearheaded by the Karnataka State Council and the Data Security Council of India (NASSCOM).

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