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LONDON,UK:Yamgo, a mobile TV Outfit, has released beta software for Android users so that they can see live streaming of high-quality mobile TV and video on demand, reports The Inquirer.


The outfit claims that this is the first software to do so on the Android operating system. It means that Android can do the same things with video as Jobs' Mobs' Iphone.

According to the report, Yamgo founder and CEO Ian Mullins said the Iphone has been regarded as the leading smartphone, providing great graphics, colours, sound and media streaming, while Android users have moaned about poor sound, stuttering pictures and squashed screens whenever they attempt to watch mobile TV, but that should become a thing of the past.

He said that now Android smartphone users in the UK can enjoy high quality live mobile TV channels from some of the UK's leading broadcasters, including the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, using a 3G or WiFi connection.


Mullins claims that the free live TV service provides Android users and almost all other mobile consumers with the highest possible picture quality using the existing video player in the user's mobile phone and does not require any additional software or application download.

Yamgo operates optimised streaming that adapts the picture quality to the available network connectivity, minimising any buffering and providing a viewing experience even whilst on the move.

(Edward Berridge, The Inquirer)